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Cheese suppliers

Welcome to Remijn Cheese Wholesale’s website, a small-scale (inter)nationally operating cheese supplier. We are very good at maturing and distributing the very best Dutch cheeses. With our many years of experience in the guidance of starting and existing cheese shops, cheese hawkers and cheese markets, we are an ideal partner and cheese supplier.

A selection from our product range



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Farmhouse cheese

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Goat cheese

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Organic cheese

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Spice cheese

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Cumin cheese

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Our assortment consists mainly of top quality Dutch semi-hard and hard cheese. In addition to a variety of cheese from large cheese factories, we also sell various types of cheese from small-scale cheese farms. Our focus is on Dutch cheese; within the cheese industry we are best known for our exclusive ‘Stompetoren’ cheese brand.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for an excellent and reliable cheese supplier.

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