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Most cheese lovers are familiar with the typical nutty flavour of cumin cheese. Cumin cheese comes in many varieties. Although the difference in quality between the various cheesemakers is negligible, the types of cheese can vary greatly. Take, for example, full-fat cumin cheese, Boeren Leidse (Leiden Farmhouse), Leidse Kanter (Leiden Kanter) and farmhouse cumin.

CONO cumin cheese

We carry a beautiful line of CONO/Stompetoren cumin cheese. The combination of the cheese’s full-bodied flavour and the nutty flavor of the cumin seeds makes for a delicious tasting experience. Stompetoren Cumin Cheese is available from young up to and including old, and there is even a special 35+ variety with cumin.

Farmhouse Leidse BOB

Boeren Leidse is a low-fat farm cheese that has been produced with traditional methods for centuries. It is made from skimmed cow milk with cumin, and the dairy is somewhat dry and crumbly. This cheese can be recognised by its printmark of crossed keys. Our Boeren Leidse is produced by farmer Heemskerk. We are also one of the suppliers of the 1-year-old Boeren (Farmhouse) Leyden with Slow Food accreditation.

Leidse Kanter

Leidse Kanter cheese is produced in a Leiden cheese mold that gives the cheese one rounded and one straight edge. The texture of this 40+ cheese is somewhat harder and dryer, but it has a rich cumin taste. We also supply Kanter with cloves.

In addition we also have a range of Frisian cumin cheeses (B-grade), as well as farmhouse 48+ cumin cheese. Please feel free to contact us for more information on these products.

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