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Stompetoren cheese

Stompetoren cheese owes its name to the village of Stompetoren in North Holland, where our cows graze and our cheeses are produced in the CONO cheese factory in Westbeemster. In this cheese dairy, known as the greenest in the world, old traditional craftsmanship is combined with innovative technology.

The maturing of Stompetoren takes place in Remijn Cheese Wholesale’s unique maturing warehouse. Through the years this family business has proven to be particularly skilled in Dutch cheese maturing. The unique combination of temperature and humidity in the maturing warehouse ensures that the cheese’s flavour can fully develop. And you can taste it! It is no wonder that Stompetoren regularly wins awards at (inter)national product contests.

Stompetoren 48+

Stompetoren 48+ cheeses are known for their full flavour creamy texture. No wonder their slogan is: ‘Cheese worth coming back for’. These cheeses also contain a lot less salt than similar 48+ cheeses. Full-fat cheese is available in both 12 and 16 kilo sizes, and their age varies from young to extra old.

Stompetoren Cumin Cheese

Stompetoren also offers a range of cheese specialties. This includes cumin cheese, among others. Its beautiful rich taste combines well with its nutty flavor to ensure a delicious taste experience. Cumin cheese is available in all ages. Finally, we have also developed a special variety that contains less salt. Although Stompetoren cheeses contain little salt as it is, this special variety contains up to 20% less salt. These cheeses mature for about two months, until they have exactly the right flavour. Low in salt, rich in flavour.

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