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The farmer’s son

Kaashandel Remijn was founded 35 years ago by Kees Remijn. Kees grew up as a farmer’s son and went on to study dairy technology after secondary school. After gaining experience as a dairy factory manager for several years, his entrepreneurial spirit gave him itchy feet and he decided to start his own cheese trading business. His cheeses were purchased from different farmers, and Kees tried to sell his wares by car.

A maturing warehouse

Over time, Kees managed to build up a permanent customer base. With his innate passion for farming life and his knowledge of dairy products, he was a welcome visitor at his customers, and soon the cellar of the house (which served as cheese storage) was bursting at the seams. A storage space in Kerkdriel was found. In the years that followed, Remijn Cheese Wholesale continued to grow steadily. The warehouse was fully optimised for cheese maturing, in collaboration with several specialised partners. In addition to Kees’s family (his brother-in-law, son and wife), staff were also recruited to assist Kees in his work.

Remijn Cheese Wholesale

Today, Remijn Cheese Wholesale has grown into a (inter)nationally known cheese trade business. The warehouse boasts about 250,000 cheeses and is highly regarded for the quality of its cheese maturing. Kees Remijn is now 67 years old and still pours his heart and soul into the company. The company employs around 15 people and supplies more than 300 addresses in the Netherlands and abroad every week.

Our award cabinet

Over the years Remijn Cheese Wholesale has received several (inter)national prizes and awards for the quality of their products. Below are just a few examples from the last five years:

  • 2013: Farmer v/d Geest – winner Cum Laude farmhouse cheese
  • 2013: Wilde Weide cheese – winner Cum Laude ‘cheese with a story’
  • 2014: Boer v/d Poel – winner Cum Laude farmhouse cheese
  • 2014: Wilde Weide cheese – winner Cum Laude ‘cheese with a story’
  • 2014: Stompetoren matured – winner gold NNKC Dutch Cheese Inspection
  • 2014: Stompetoren Light extra mature – winner silver NNKC Dutch Cheese Inspection
  • 2015: Farmer van Eijk – winner Cum Laude farmhouse cheese
  • 2015: Farmer v/d Geest – winner Cum Laude farmhouse cheese
  • 2015: Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas – winner Cum Laude ‘cheese with a story’
  • 2015: Stompetoren semi-matured – winner brons NNKC Dutch Cheese Inspection
  • 2016: Farmer Noordam – winner Cum Laude farmhouse cheese
  • 2016: A2A2 semi-matured – winner MFC award ‘Best Cheese Specialty’
  • 2016: A2A2 semi-matured – winner ‘Best Cheese Novelty 2016’
  • 2017: Stompetoren Grand Cru – Superior Taste Award
  • 2017: Royal Blue – Superior Taste Award
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