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In the past few years we have seen our role as a cheese wholesaler change into that of service providers. This means that our range of services in the promotional area has also increased considerably. Below are a few examples of how we may be able to assist you with promotions.

Poster subscriptions

Each quarter, we offer our customers the opportunity to subscribe to posters. Depending on the season, we design about five different posters. Our customers can order these (often free of charge) in the size and number desired.

Shop furnishings

We offer a wide range of materials to decorate your shop. A few examples: cheese dummies (fake cheeses), beautiful black shelf tags, posters (see above), consumer leaflets, outside boards, top boards, wallboards, etc. Because we design most of these ourselves, we can often assist you at customer level. We would be more than happy to show you some examples.


You can also contact us for shop or sales car lettering. We maintain contacts with several specialised companies, and would be happy to show you some examples.


We also offer support at product level. We can provide you with (commercial) information about each product and we have images / posters / flyers available for many products. In addition, we have an extensive product specification, including ingredients and nutritional values, for all our products. These can be requested through our website.

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