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A2A2 cheese

Many centuries ago, the predecessors of our current dairy cows roamed these parts: the aurochs. They were not only physically, but also genetically, different from our current dairy cows. One important difference is in the composition of the milk. Milk from our current dairy cows contains the A1 gene, while the milk of the early aurochs contains the A2 gene.

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A1 vs. A2

Genetic research has shown that there are different types of milk proteins: A1 and A2. The A1- gene contains the substance BCM-7 (b√©tacasomorphine-7), which is believed to be the cause of cow’s milk allergy, which is not the case with the A2 gene. Cheese made from A2 milk can therefore be a solution for people who suffer from cow milk allergy.

A2 cheese

Although the Aurochs no longer exist, there are still certain breeds that possess the A2- gene. Genetically speaking, these are direct Aurochs descendants, an example of which is the Guernsey cow. These cows are very scarce, even more so when it comes to organically reared cows. One of the few farmers that rears these cows organically can be found in the village of Ingen in the Betuwe region. They recently started producing A2A2 cheese with this milk. The composition of the milk (and therefore the cheese) can only be guaranteed through strict DNA selection. The cheese is made from pasteurised milk and is organic and

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