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We have a wide range of herbed cheese, which can be roughly divided into two main types. We carry a line of farmhouse herbed cheeses, largely made by farmer Slob; as well as an assortment of WereldSmaken (World Flavours), with more exotic types of herbs.

Farmhouse Herbed Cheese

Most of our farmhouse herb cheeses are made by farmer Slob from Giessenburg. This farmer is known for his butter-soft, smooth dairy, which is also notable in the herbed cheeses. We carry, among other things, the following types of herbed cheese: mustard, fenugreek, nettle, Italian, 3-herb, 5-herb, truffle, pepper, chili and garlic.

World Flavours

Our World Flavours herbed cheese is mainly characterised by a more exciting mix of herbs. We offer, for example, red and green pesto, roasted onion and nettle, chilipepper, and rocket-fenugreek varieties.

In addition to the lines mentioned above we also have some specific specialties. A few examples: Honingklaver kaas (Honey Clover cheese), Friese Nagelkaas (Frisian Clove cheese), Tricolore, Sedurre etc. These cheeses can be found on our specialty page.

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