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Ruscello Life

Ruscello Life is an innovative and striking product. Its bright colours really make this Tricolore cheese stand out, and its flavour is deliciously sharp. Excellent on a cheese platter or with drinks.


Sweet Clover cheese is deliciously fresh with a smooth, spicy flavour. The use of fresh green herbs on the crust lends this cheese a nice appearance.


From the Bastiaansen cheese factory we carry, among others, a blue vein cheese with cow’s milk and a blue vein cheese with goat milk. In addition we also source Moulin cheese from them, as well as two hard cheeses with coriander-fenugreek and basil-garlic.


Bunker cheese, from the province of Twente, matures in the old ammunition bunkers of Daarle, under a layer of soil and concrete. These cheeses are deliciously sharp and slightly sweet in taste. They are available in both a cow milk and a goat milk version.

BGO Slow Food

BGO is a pasteurised cheese that has matured for a minimum of two years. The cheese is made on two selected farms in the Netherlands only and is listed in the Ark of Taste by Slow Food.


Romero Farmhouse Cheese is produced by farmer Verweij from IJsselstein. This raw-milk specialty is a year old and is ripened with rosemary on its crust.


This farmhouse truffle cheese is made by farmer Slob from Giessenburg. Only Italian black truffles are used for its preparation. The combination of fresh cow’s milk with this black truffle make for a delicious combination.

Friese Nagelkaas

Frisian Clove Cheese (also called Frisian Kanter) has been produced traditionally for decades. Its dairy is somewhat dry and crumbly, but rich in flavour. Available in ages mature to old.

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