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Rouveen goat cheese

Our traditional goat cheese is made in the Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten cheese factory. This cheese factory is located in the eponymous village of Rouveen, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The traditional costumes and dairy history characterise the culture of the community, but the inhabitants are also famous for their sense of innovation. These cheeses are produced with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

We offer various types of goat cheese: the ‘naturel’ assortment is represented by Witte Sikke (semi-matured), Rooie Sikke (matured) and Olde Bokhe (old). In addition, we offer three types of herbed goat cheese, including fenugreek, nettle and Italian herbs.

Did you know…

That goat cheese has become increasingly popular in recent years? That this is partly due to the health benefits of goat milk? Goat milk is more easily digestible than cow milk, for instance, and contains plenty of healthy proteins and minerals.

Mekkerstee goat cheese

In addition to conventional goat cheese, our assortment also carries organic goat cheese from the Mekkerstee farm. This cheese is made at the Mekkerstee Special Needs farm in Ouddorp. Their pasteurised goat cheeses have won various (inter)national awards with their full-bodied, creamy taste. Semi-matured, matured, old, fenugreek, Italian herbs and sweet clover among the available flavours.

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