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Over the years we have collected a proud group of farmers around us who make cheese for us. These farmers are specially selected for their ability to deliver consistent high quality. What makes farmhouse cheese unique, is that every farmer has his own story, taste and specific qualities. That is precisely why we can offer products to suit all tastes!


Over the years, the origin of products has become increasingly important. That is why we have designed a special ‘BoerderijParel’ label for each farmer. The label has a picture of the farm where the cheese is made, as well as a short story about what distinguishes this farm.

Farmhouse cheese Vivaldi 30 kg

Our mini jumbo’s are produced by Farmer Noordam from Hellouw. Due to their larger size, these cheeses ripen more slowly and are deliciously creamy. They are available in mature (6 months) and extra-mature (1 year) varieties.

BGO 20 kg

The BGO is a unique farmhouse cheese that is an impressive two years old. Only two selected farmers make these cheeses; we sell those produced by the Van der Poel family in Rijpwetering. The BGO is only made during summer, using wooden molds and linen cloths. Thanks to their size, these cheeses remain cuttable, which is highly unusual for products of this age. BGO cheese has been listed in the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Leiden Farmhouse

Boeren Leidse is a low-fat farmhouse cheese that has been produced with traditional methods for centuries. It is made from skimmed cow milk with cumin, and the dairy is somewhat dry and crumbly. This cheese can be recognised by its printmark of crossed keys. Our Boeren Leidse is produced by farmer Heemskerk. We are also one of the suppliers of the 1-year-old Boeren (Farmhouse) Leyden with Slow Food accreditation.

Wilde Weide BIO

Wilde Weide is produced by a limited number of selected farms in the Netherlands. To make an organic, raw-milk cheese, hygienic and precise working methods are of the utmost importance. Wilde Weide is available in all ages, as well as in cumin and fenugreek varieties.

Other farmhouse cheese

In addition to the abovementioned farmhouse cheeses, we carry many other specialties. This includes various types with less fat, less salt, herbs etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

The difference between ‘boeren’ and ‘boerderij’ cheese

We distinguish between ‘boeren’ (unpasteurised farmhouse) and ‘boerderij’ (pasteurised farmhouse) cheese. This is always stated on the label and in the product description. You can make your own selections, and our advice is to always choose the flavour that suits you best.

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