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Our assortment carries cheeses for all branches of the catering sector. We can supply, among others, Dutch quality cheeses for cheese platters, hotel blocks, sliced cheese for cafeterias, grated cheese to finish dishes, etc.

Cheese platters

We offer a wide range of Dutch cheeses that are highly suitable for a distinctive Dutch cheese platter. In consultation, and for a small surcharge, we can also remove the rind and package the products in half or quarter size.

Sliced cheese

We supply various types of packaged sliced cheese, in both bulk and portion packaging, naturally or foil-ripened, in a range of grammages.

Hotel block cheese

We can supply various types of hotel blocks from stock. We remove the rind and package the cheese ourselves. Our naturally ripened cheese hotel blocks come in young to old, cumin and 30+ varieties. For other varieties, please contact us.

Grated cheese

We also have various types of grated cheese available from stock, mostly in two-kilo packages. Apart from naturally-ripened cheese in a variety of ages, we can also supply grated foil-ripened cheese, pizza mix and mozzarella.

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