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We have various types of vegetarian cheeses in our assortment. Vegetarian means that the cheeses are made with vegetable/microbial rennet.

Biokaas Kinderdijk

In the picturesque village of Kinderdijk, in amongst the world famous windmills, you can find Biokaas Kinderdijk, a small-scale cheese factory. Their cheeses are made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. Many a cheese lover buys Biokaas Kinderdijk for its flavour, rather than just because it is organic. The ‘naturel’ variety is available in semi-matured up to and including extra-mature, and we also offer varieties with wild garlic, Italian herbs and clove-aniseed.

A2A2 cheese

A2A2-cheese is made with milk from specially selected cows with the A2 gene. This milk does not contain the substance BCM-7, which is understood to cause milk allergy. Most people suffering from cow milk allergy are therefore able to consume this milk/cheese. The milk comes from a farm in Ingen and the cheeses are made by Biokaas Kinderdijk.

Rouvener goat cheese

This vegetarian cheese is made in the cheese factory of Rouveen Cheese Specialties. This cheese factory is located in the eponymous village of Rouveen, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The traditional costumes and dairy history characterise the culture of the community, but the inhabitants are also famous for their sense of innovation. These cheeses are produced with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

Finally, ‘kees’ cheeses are also curdled using a vegetarian method. You can find more information on this topic on our brand cheeses page.

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